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 The Problems Facing Athletes


Athletes of all ages lack access in three major healthcare performance verticals - nutrition, mental wellness, and injury management

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of athletes do not know what types of foods they should be eating, and how they should be properly refueling their bodies.

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of athletes are not equipped with any mental performance services

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of sports injuries would be prevented if athletes had access to smart injury prevention tools.


ZoneIn is Changing the Game

ZoneIn was built and tested by sports scientists, nutritionists, and physiotherapists who work with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLS, and the Olympics.

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A Nutritionist in your Pocket


The first smart, time-sensitive, research-backed, and AI-driven nutrition system capable of serving athletes of all backgrounds

Daily nutrition levels calculated for each user based on training intensity and schedule, key biometrics (heart rate, weight goals etc), sport of focus, and goals

Tailored meal plans formulated based on when and what training or competition is scheduled that day

Smart meal recommendation system that suggests performance meals and snacks customized to each athlete‚Äôs personal nutrient needs by time.  This tool leverages our library of > 1,000 meals


Coming this summer

Biometric Sensitive Hydration System


The first personalized athlete performance hydration system the sporting world has seen

Leveraging AI, time-sensitivity, training schedules, intensity and biometrics to know exactly when, and what, each athlete should be drinking

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 Data-Driven Mental Performance


On-demand sports psychology and mindfulness sessions

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An assessment that allows users to learn what their strengths and weaknesses are in the mental game


Smart Injury Management

Injury and pain data tracking service to boost athlete, coach and trainer communication around treatment and strengthening needs through data

Flexibility and stability exercise videos intended to prevent future injury or build up strength when in recovery

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